Blossoming Hope Tools

Here, you will find the Blossoming Hope Tools.

  1. Go to the movies
  2. Get a massage
  3. Sip a cup of tea
  4. Bake
  5. Spend time with children
  6. Visit a museum
  7. Go to the library
  8. Trace your family tree
  9. Try a new hairdo
  10. Visit a new church
  11. Listen to your favorite oldies
  12. Take a walk in the park
  13. Call up an old friend
  14. Dance
  15. Attend Bible Study
  16. Volunteer at a homeless shelter
  17. Follow a new blogger/vlogger
  18. Got for a hike
  19. Cook a healthy and soulful meal
  20. Find podcasts or videos of your favorite evangelist
  21. Reminisce
  22. Meditate
  23. Build a new playlist
  24. Imagine your favorite scene
  25. Look through your favorite photo album
  26. Worship with your church family
  27. Pat yourself on the back
  28. Burn incense
  29. Go swimming
  30. Read
  31. Create a homemade footbath
  32. Pray
  33. Watch your favorite show
  34. Enjoy a glass of fine wine
  35. Go skating
  36. Try a new scent
  37. Light a candle
  38. Teach a child to double-dutch jump rope
  39. Attend a concert
  40. Go to a play
  41. Visit a food truck rodeo
  42. Lie in the sun
  43. Wear your favorite perfume
  44. Sleep in
  45. Walk the beach
  46. Watch the sunrise or sunset
  47. Write a poem
  48. Wear a favorite piece of jewelry
  49. Record a video doing your favorite thing
  50. Wear fuzzy pajamas
  51. Find some new jokes
  52. Get or give yourself a hot oil treatment
  53. Enjoy a manicure-pedicure
  54. Write your vision
  55. Encourage yourself
  56. Go line dancing
  57. Draw or paint
  58. Shout
  59. Write in your journal
  1. Doodle
  2. Sing
  3. Share a heartfelt compliment
  4. Laugh
  5. Develop a new hobby
  6. Take a class
  7. Smile
  8. Fiddle with PlayDoh
  9. Hug someone you love
  10. Give to a stranger
  11. Meet someone new
  12. Invite someone out for lunch
  13. Mail a card or letter to someone
  14. Cook something extra to share with someone
  15. Hold hands with your partner
  16. Text an uplighting message to someone
  17. Make a gift for someone
  18. Go out with your friends
  19. Show appreciation to your pastor
  20. Donate to a worthy cause
  21. Volunteer at a school
  22. Support another minority-owned business
  23. Count your coins
  24. Enjoy intimacy with your spouse
  25. Engage in stretching exercises
  26. Learn to quilt
  27. Give yourself a new hairdo
  28. Daydream
  29. Workout
  30. Memorize Scripture
  31. Start or work in your garden
  32. Go shopping for a special outfit
  33. Praying using your prayer language (if you have the gift of tongues)
  34. Invent something new
  35. Make up a song
  36. Enjoy an ice cream cone
  37. Visit the farmers’ market
  38. Explore a historic site
  39. Go for a drive
  40. Practice silence
  41. Count your blessings
  42. Give yourself a makeover
  43. Redecorate your bedroom
  44. Color your hair
  45. Take a bubble bath
  46. Blow bubbles
  47. Fidget with a widget
  48. Write you own memoir
  49. Whip up your favorite smoothie
  50. Give yourself a facial massage
  51. Enjoy Karaoke
  52. Take pictures of your favorite subject(s)

Or you can download the Blossoming Hope Tools page here

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