Dr. Tonya D. Armstrong



Leveraging Hope to Launch Resilient Leaders

Building Wealth from an Early Age

I was preparing for work earlier this week when my 13-year-old daughter approached me with a “random” question that stopped me in my tracks: “Mommy, how old do I have to be to start a 401(k)?”  You might appropriately surmise that my daughter...

What’s In Your Wallet?

Probably after Christmas, the summer season is next most expensive season for many of us.  Summer offers us the opportunity to  let loose, to celebrate “Moms, Dads, and grads,” and to take some much-needed time away from our normal routines for a...

Summer Wellness for Your Family

If you have school-aged children in your home, chances are that they have already gotten out or will be getting out of school in the next week.  Let’s say it together: “Summer break!” Whether the young people in your life are attending camp, going to...